From the first signs of emerging talent, to those in senior management positions,  these programmes build the skills, competencies and behaviours necessary to ensure strategy and vision lead to success for the individual and the wider team. This Collection turns the best leadership knowledge into actionable micro-behaviours to create sustainable, strategic and future-focused change.


Positive change

  • Small positive actions
  • Crafted by psychologists
  • Tailored to each person
  • Add custom content
  • On mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Available all year

Are you flexible enough to lead?

Studies of leadership have revealed that the single common characteristic of exceptional leaders is their ability to flex, alter and adapt their style according to the situation, context and circumstances they are experiencing.

Our Leadership & Management Collection includes a range of programmes that help people to develop their flexibility in a wide choice of relevant areas. Indeed each programme is tailored to the individual, ensuring that it targets the areas each person needs to work on to improve their leadership skills.


Bridging the learning do-ing gap


More likely to put myself in my customers’ shoes*
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The emerging strength of mobile learning