Innovation and creativity at work

The future of most businesses depends on having creative and innovative people. This course is about fostering the behaviours that inspire innovation and turn the best creative ideas into reality. It breaks down the habits of innovation into a number of small actions that can be put into practice on a daily basis, no matter what your current position may be.

The programme pillars

Designed by our founding psychologists, this programme is built on psychological pillars that are known to inspire innovation.

  •   Tuning in
  •   Empathy
  •   Curiosity
  •   Embracing failure/resilience
  •   Bravery
  •   Passion/play
  •   Collaboration/relationships
  •   Toleration of ambiguity
  •   Nurturing/allowing in
  •   Action/momentum

Why is innovation so important?

Growth cannot happen without innovation. This ability is often regarded as a special gift bestowed on a few ‘creative minds’. But these abilities can be nurtured in everyone. This programme will help you to be more innovative by easing you out of your comfort zone. It will inspire you to be more creative every day, whether it’s in your approach to solving problems, to improving process, serving your customers or working with colleagues. Most importantly it will help you to get your ideas out of your dream space and into the workplace.


  •   Designed by psychologists
  •   Tailored to each person
  •   Action-based programme
  •   Improves creativity/productivity
  •   Changes business culture

Research shows that innovation can be learned through application – by doing.

  • 3 weeks of flexible Do’s
  • Breaks you out of habits
  • Increase flexibility
  • Apply new behaviours
  • Effect real change
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