Embracing Emotional Intelligence

Emotions are extremely complex, and yet our ability to perceive and manage  them is a key contributor to your organisation’s success. This emotional intelligence (EI) programme will help you to develop key competencies. These include the ability to perceive, appraise, and express emotion at work; to understand emotion and emotional knowledge to improve working relationships; and to promote emotional and intellectual growth.

The programme pillars

Designed by our founding psychologists, this programme is built on the psychological pillars that are known to have a positive impact on emotional intelligence.

  • Regard for others
  • Self-management
  • Positive attitude/balanced outlook
  • Understanding others’ emotions
  • Self-improvement
  • Open to change/flexibility
  • Understanding own emotions/self-awareness
  • Awareness of strengths
  • Managing relationships
  • Emotional literacy

Why is EI
so important?

People who are high in Emotional Intelligence (EI) get on well with other people, regardless of any differences that may exist between them. They are experts at recognising and managing the feelings and needs of others. They are highly self aware and are masters at regulating their own emotions. They see themselves honestly, can take criticism and are able to use it to develop themselves. If you develop your people skills you can become a better team player. You will find it easier to manage disputes, communicate well and you are likely to feel more engaged and satisfied in your work.


  •   Designed by psychologists
  •   Tailored to each person
  •   Action-based programme
  •   Improves EI at work
  •   Changes EI culture

Research shows that emotional intelligence can be learned through application – by doing.

  • 3 weeks of flexible Do’s
  • Breaks you out of habits
  • Increase flexibility
  • Apply new behaviours
  • Effect real change
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