Bringing leadership

Executive presence involves a subtle set of attributes that may appear hard to define yet everyone knows it when they see it. Whether you are in a high profile role, or aspire to a leadership position, this programme will help you to learn the micro behaviours that the best leaders use to make a difference in the world, day by day.

The programme pillars

Designed by our founding psychologists, this programme is built on psychological pillars that are known to enhance executive presence.

  •   Gravitas
  •   Communication skills
  •   Body language
  •   Impact
  •   Image
  •   Creates strong morale
  •   Able to speak up
  •   Courage to do the right thing
  •   Build support networks
  •   Meaningful purpose

What is executive presence?

When job performance is excellent and people are highly skilled, the person who also has executive presence will stand out as a potential leader. This programme will help you to develop the kind of communication skills that can command a room with gravitas. It helps you project your passion and energy with deep integrity combined with emotional intelligence. And it will enable you to harness the power that comes from being present, in any situation or with anybody, in order to propel your career in the right direction.


  •   Designed by psychologists
  •   Tailored to each person
  •   Action-based programme
  •   Improves leadership
  •   Changes business culture

Research shows that executive presence can be learned through application – by doing.

  • 3 weeks of flexible Do’s
  • Breaks you out of habits
  • Increase flexibility
  • Apply new behaviours
  • Effect real change
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