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Lots of big companies are beginning to realise that just giving people knowledge rarely brings about change. We’ve been working with lots of big organisations to bring about real change. Increasing agility. Improving management skills. Shifting culture. Developing a digital mindset. Bringing corporate values to life. How can we help you?


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Sue Damment, Head of Creative Services at education giant Study Group, used Do Something Different to help her team cope with transformation.

“I see that as a team we seem to be much more able to cope with everything that is going on in the business. People are finding different ways to do things and that is upping the creativity and lowering the stress.”


Our digital Platforms are a brilliant way for smaller companies to inject new energy into the workplace. It’s perfect for small companies, giving your people a choice of up to six wellbeing or professional development programmes they can explore during the year. Addressing stress and mental health. Improving collaboration. Developing management skills. It’s up to you.


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We love to work through partners. Their experience and expertise helps us to create programmes that get right under the skin of the change required. We work with digital transformation and creative agencies, health and wellbeing experts, e-learning companies, coaching and training companies. Perhaps we could work with you too?


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Stephen, 37, is a successful director of an engineering group. He is an assertive, driven individual, always making things happen. The Do he received on his Leadership programme told him to hold back in meetings. This arrived on a day when he had a board meeting with a sister company. He said it felt really unnatural to take a backseat, and he could sense unease in the others.

But he learnt a really important thing. The person who he thought was pushing the business forward seemed to have little to offer without Stephen’s opinions. Someone who rarely made much of a contribution made key strategic points. By behaving differently – in fact the opposite of how he usually would – Stephen learnt about the people he worked with and about his own management style. He now makes a point of occasionally holding back so that he can enjoy new perspectives and benefit from other people’s input.


More likely to look for new ways of doing things after this agility programme in the UK and Ireland.

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More likely to turn to online networks for thoughts and ideas following our Digital Leadership programme.

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More likley to look for new ways of doing things for one of our small business clients.

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