Take back control

Nowadays work is more likely to invade our leisure and home time. Yet keeping our working and personal lives in balance is vital for our physical and mental health. This programme helps you achieve that balance, giving you the tools to cope with mixed and multiple priorities so that you can get the best of both worlds.

The programme pillars

Designed by our founding psychologists, this programme is built on psychological pillars that are known to have a positive impact on work life balance.

  •   Setting limits
  •   Balance
  •   Time Management
  •   Socialisation
  •   Self-care
  •   Enjoyment
  •   Relaxation
  •   Selflessness
  •   Perspective
  •   Taking breaks

How can you get Work Life Balance right?

It is important that we maintain a conscious balance between work and personal life, by not over-focusing on one and neglecting the other, and by making time for ourselves. This balance is less to do with 50/50 and more to do with how we all choose to use the time we have. Striking a healthy balance means being flexible enough to cope when work or personal life demands change dramatically and being willing to adjust to one or the other when necessary. This programme will help you to question your existing habits and take back control.


  •   Designed by psychologists
  •   Tailored to each person
  •   Action-based programme
  •   Improves productivity
  •   Reduces stress

Research shows that work life balance can be learned through application – by doing.

  • 3 weeks of flexible Do’s
  • Breaks you out of habits
  • Increase flexibility
  • Apply new behaviours
  • Effect real change
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