One core value in all successful organisations involves embracing people’s differences, resulting in  engaged employees who feel equally valued and recognised and broader solutions to problems. This Collection develops the skills everyone needs to build more harmonious relationships across corporate and community settings and can help to improve interpersonal skills and create a culture of collaboration and inclusion.


Positive change

  • Small positive actions
  • Crafted by psychologists
  • Tailored to each person
  • Add custom content
  • On mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Available all year

Unconscious bias – is it holding you back?

Bias can occur in organisations in hundreds of ways. For example how we make hiring decisions; listen to people’s ideas and suggestions; decide organisational policy; use language, acronyms and jargon that excludes some people; how we treat clients and/or suppliers; the list goes on.

All the time we allow this to happen, we are actually limiting the success of the organisation as well as holding some people back (not to mention, potentially breaking employment law).

Diversity with EY


Try to be more open in my relationships*
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