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5 Secrets to Shifting Low Mood

Analysis of over 500 people on Do Something Different programmes shows that as many as 70% of people presenting with low mood are back in the “healthy” category when they finish. What’s the secret to shifting low mood?

February 20th 2017

We have long known that Do Something Different programmes have a really positive effect on people with low mood – recent analysis shows incredibly positive results:

Out of those who were in the “at risk” category for Depression at the start, 70.2% were in the “healthy” category at the end.

Out of those who were in the “at risk” category for anxiety at the start, 63.2% were in the “healthy” category at the end.

What’s going on?

So what’s going on here? Our founding Professor of Psychology,  Karen Pine, explains why Do Something Different has such a positive effect on mood for so many people.

“We created Do Something Different as a way of helping people to be more “behaviourally flexible”, because our own research shows that this is the key to unlocking richer, healthier, more satisfying lives.

“There are five underlying psychological principles encapsulated in our approach; the five secrets to shifting low mood if you like:

5 secrets

“Of course, if you’re feeling down, these simple things can be really difficult to do. That’s where Do Something Different is so powerful. We send people easy to complete tasks by text and email that are tailored for them. Step by step it helps them to break out of the negative cycle they are locked in and to slowly open up to new possibilities.

“All of our programmes apply these principles. That means that as a business, when your people take part in our Building Resilience or Better Work Life Balance programmes for example, they may also enjoy the benefit of a shift in low mood. That’s great for them and good for business too.”

How can you help your people?

You can offer your people access to a choice of up to six programmes on one of our platforms from as little as £15 per person per year. Take look at our Collections now.


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