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September 2016

Research finding: Inclusiveness is good for us

How are you supporting your Mental Health in the workplace? | | #WMHD17

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Preventing Mental Health issues at work | | #WorldMentalHealthDay

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September 2016

Free Webinar – The Psychology of Unconscious Bias

July 2016

National Inclusion Week – what will you Do?

Are you addicted? Quitting addictions is about breaking the right set of habits…| #health|…

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You think you have a Nicotine issue when in fact you have a habit problem. Anyone can quit for FREE for #Stoptober

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January 2016

Corporate Wellbeing for the Digital Workplace

May 2012

Ernst & Young diversity & inclusion workshop

Quit for life with Love not Smoking. Join FREE now for an easier #Stoptober |

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