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Free Webinar – The Psychology of Unconscious Bias

Join our Free lunchtime Webinar on Wednesday 28th September to explore the psychology of unconscious bias and find out what you can do to create a more inclusive workplace.

September 12th 2016

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You probably think that you are fair and unbiased in your decision-making. That’s because bias is generally unconscious. People unknowingly discriminate against one group and favour another, without realising that they are doing it. In fact it’s human nature to stick to your tribe – part of a Neanderthal survival instinct.

So if it’s unconscious, what can you do about it?

In our FREE Webinar during National Diversity Week, Professor Karen Pine will explore the micro-behaviours that can help people to become aware of their personal biases and prompt them to behave in a new way. These biases can include:

  • Affinity Bias – favouring people like ourselves
  • Confirmation bias – looking for evidence to support an opinion we already have
  • Attribution bias – some people work hard, others are just lucky
  • The bandwagon effect – taking the popular view
  • Perceptual bias – everyone see the world just like us
  • The status quo bias – fear of change
  • The halo effect – making huge assumptions based on a limited view
  • Optimum bias – it’ll be alright
  • Linguistic and non-linguistic bias – exclusion or demeaning other people outside our circle

Based on results with companies large and small

The Do Something Different solution to unconscious bias, an action based personalised digital programme,  has achieved fantastic results with large corporates like  PwC, Cisco and Mondelez, as well as SME’s like Freebridge Housing Association.Through participation in our programmes these firms saw significant shifts in employee behaviour, leading to improved inclusion, collaboration and agility within their teams.

There’s still time to sign up for the FREE Webinar

To get a better insight into unconscious bias in the workplace join a 30-minute Webinar with Professor Pine on Wednesday 28th September at 1pm, or to find out how you could launch a digital programme in your company,  Get in touch today.

Sign up for FREE, 1pm (UK GMT) 28th September

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