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App Users Are More Engaged

When your people run their Do Something Different programme on our free App, they’re much more likely to get fully engaged.

March 27th 2017
The new Do Zone App for Apple or Android is available free to all of your people when they sign up to any of the programmes on your Do Something Different Platform. If they prefer, they can simply use SMS text or email, which has given our data analyst, Billiejoe, some data to get his teeth into.

He can now compare App users with non-App users across all of our programmes and he has found some interesting findings:

1: App users tell us they have done more Do’s: In fact they record having completed 44% more Do’s!

2: App users have more fun: App users give on average 4.07 stars out of 5, vs 3.67 for non-app users, suggesting they have a better overall experience.

3: App users share more: App users share more of what they are doing in to the Do Zone, and they do it more frequently. In fact people using the App on one of our programmes were seen to be nearly twice as likely to post as those who only used the website version.

4: App users get more benefit from their programme: On average, App users get larger increases in wellbeing, larger improvements in habit scores and larger reductions in anxiety and depression scores. For example, App users’ wellbeing scores go up an average by 84 points, vs 50 for non-app users. This is probably because they are doing more Dos, getting inspired by others in the Do Zone and tracking their own progress by “journaling” their experience.

5: App users can now use the happy-tracker: No matter what programme your people are on, they can keep an eye on their mood as they go along and start to see what affect each programme has.


Billiejoe, Data Analyst and Pokemon Go enthusiast
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