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September 2017

Do Change – integrating behaviour change with wearables and medical devices

We’ve made Love Not Smoking completely FREE for #Stoptober. Join today for an October quit date.…

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Love Not Smoking works with your unique psychology to help you quit smoking and stay quit. Free for #stoptober

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January 2017

Do Change – clinical trials begin

April 2016

Prevention is better than cure. Can digital improve the health of a nation?

“9 days to #Stoptober. Sign up Free to Love Not Smoking. A very different way to quit and stay quit.…

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With just 10 days to #Stoptober you can now sign up FREE to Love Not Smoking. Join today and quit for life…

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March 2016

mHealth – what do users say?

February 2016

mHealth – the 4 building blocks for text messaging in Public Health

Do you have the dreaded ‘eating gene’? If you do, is that an excuse to give up? Not according to new research……

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How resilient are you and what can you Do to give it a boost? Here’ are 9 top tips:

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February 2016

Is mHealth the answer for cash-strapped Public Health?

October 2015

New Type 2 diabetes programme


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First Mind Workplace Wellbeing Index reveals how well employers are supporting staff mental health

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October 2015

Life expectancy in your hands

October 2015

Introducing Brighton and Hove Quit Club

Its #InternationalDayOfHappiness Find out how your Happy Habits compare with our quick quiz:

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How good are your Happy Habits? Find out how you compare to thousands of others with our 😄 Happy Habits Quiz.…

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July 2015

Mhealth – the golden rules for SMS texts in Public Health

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