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New Type 2 diabetes programme

We're launching a new self-management programme to help people take control of their Type 2 diabetes.

October 23rd 2015

Do Something Different for YOUR diabetes is an exciting new online programme that has been developed with specialists and clinicians in Hertfordshire to help patients self-manage their condition.

According to Public Health England, in 2014, around 3.2 million people, that’s 7.4% of the adult population, had diabetes*. The sharp rise in the number of people with Type 2 diabetes cases, strongly linked to the rise in obesity, is having a serious impact on health services across the country.

Self-management is the key to a healthy future
Receiving a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes can be difficult for many patients. Poorly managed Type 2 diabetes can have serious implications for long term health and finding motivation to make lifestyle changes can be difficult.

Do Something Different for YOUR diabetes is a personally tailored online programme for people with Type 2 diabetes. The programme guides people step-by-step through small actions that they can take to take control of their condition and make a difference to their health. Learning more about Type 2 diabetes, getting familiar with their personal health plan, and making small changes in diet and activity are all themes of the 6-week programme.

Sustainable lifestyle changes
Dr Gerry McCabe, Diabetes Clinical Commissioning Lead for East & North Hertfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group, who worked with Do Something Different psychologists to create the programme says he is very excited about this approach.

“If we can get people to take responsibility for their condition it has two hugely significant benefits.

“Firstly and most importantly, when many of our Type 2 diabetes patients make small changes in lifestyle, they find that they can enjoy a normal healthy life. This programme is designed to help them to do that.

“Secondly, when patients take responsibility, it can significantly reduce the burden on health professionals. Given the rise in this disease – we have over 50,000 diagnosed Type 2 diabetes patients in Hertfordshire alone – anything that can help patients to help themselves without involving health professionals is to be welcomed.”

Support in your pocket
The programme is FREE to patients. Once they sign-up online they get a 6-week personalised programme by email or text which they follow on their phone, tablet or PC. They can also choose to share what they are doing online with other people with Type 2 diabetes in Hertfordshire, via a secure online forum provided as part of the programme.

Michelle Constable, Health Psychologist in Training at Hertfordshire Public Health says that the programme was well received by GP’s when it was launched at their conference earlier this month.

“Health professionals looking for simple online tools that provide real support for patients. Do Something Different for YOUR diabetes fits the bill.”