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mHealth – what do users say?

Unlike some 'automated' health services, mHealth is popular with residents because it makes health interventions more accessible and convenient for them.

March 2nd 2016

In earlier blogs we’ve discussed the power of mHealth and the secrets to making mHealth work. The last but perhaps most important question is, what do participants think of it?

This video of participants on health and wellbeing programmes in Hertfordshire in the UK capture some reaction to mHealth interventions delivered to their phones.


Follow-up telephone interviews with participants on Do Something Different programmes have recorded strong feedback from participants.


Self management of Diabetes – 52 year old woman

“I’m really pleased. Following the programme, my liver function, blood pressure and other blood results were better than I’ve ever achieved before.”

Smoking Cessation – 30 year-old male

“I have an addictive personality. I knew I could give up the chemical thing. It was the psychological hold that always got me in the past. This programme broke the habit. I don’t think I’ll ever smoke again.”

Smoking Cessation – 20 year-old pregnant woman

“I felt bad about smoking with a baby on the way, but I didn’t want to come in and get a lecture. Getting it on my phone is cool.”

Healthy Living – 35 year-old school teacher

“I really loved this. Good fun and motivational. I’ve kept all the texts so I can go back to them for ideas.”

Stress Less – a secondary school pupil

“I follow everyone because I feel like I don’t really have a place. This really made me feel that I don’t need to act like I do to impress others! I really don’t care if people know I like ‘The Legend of  Zelda’. I really am enjoying being me! :)”

Stress Less – an older person, 65+

“Do Something Different should be available from your doctor. It’s immediate, not like waiting for a letter or call from another organisation, it can take away stress or anxiety. It’s really helped me and I enjoyed doing Do Something Different – it’s brilliant.”

Happiness – 60+ year-old man

“Since surviving a massive stroke I have suffered depression. Do Something Different has banished the low mood and I am finally feeling myself again.”



5 tips for mHealth interventions

In our experience of mHealth which stretches back over 4 years and includes mHealth interventions in over 40 countries worldwide, these are the top 5 tips for a successful intervention:

  1. Offer a range of programmes to meet different health challenges
  2. Ensure that every programmes is individually tailored to each participant
  3. Provide a single point of access in a clearly identified area of a website
  4. Use carefully targeted digital marketing techniques to recruit participants
  5. Ensure programmes can be accessed, signed up for and run from mobile phones as well as tablets and PC’s.

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