Meeting health challenges in the digital age

Do Something Different provides cutting edge digital mHealth behaviour change interventions delivered to mobiles, tablets and PC’s. Using evidence-based behaviour change methods, our programmes help individuals take control of their health and wellbeing, make healthier choices and improve their health outcomes.

Do Something Different has successfully demonstrated lasting behaviour change across many public and private health programmes, reaching people on a wide scale, and providing measurable impacts to commissioners.

Simple to implement

Simple to implement, without any technical intervention, Do Something Different programmes allow health commissioners to reach out beyond traditional touchpoints, complementing existing services without any burden on health professionals. Our mHealth product is built around digital programmes that are scalable, affordable, integrated, and signpost to existing services in the community.

mHealth Features

The key features of our programmes incorporate the characteristics associated with proven mHealth effectiveness identified by a meta-analysis of the scientific literature into mHealth effectiveness. These include:

  • Tailoring messages by making them personalised
    Behaviour change strategies rather than educational content
  • Using mobile technology to engage with anyone with any kind of mobile phone(currently 93% of the UK population)
  • Using text messaging – no smartphone necessary
  • Focussing on doing rather than knowing, creating impactful behaviour change rather than just offering information.

For more information see
Pine, K.J. & Fletcher, B. (C), It Started with a Text: An analysis of the effectiveness of mHeath interventions in changing behaviour and the impact of text messaging on behavioural outcomes.
White Paper Number 1, December 2015.

Tackling complex issues

We can work with you to find new ways to approach difficult healthcare challenges. Combining scalable, digital delivery with existing care pathways. Example projects include a €5.6m EU funded cardiac care eco-system and a Netherlands based project to transform care homes.

Case studies can be found on our working in partnership page.

Our mHealth partnerships

We are proud to work with diverse organisations on a range of health issues.

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Do Something Different mHealth creates strategic and impactful behaviour change

How Do Something Different
mHealth works

  • Each participant (Do-er) completes online diagnostics to identify personal behaviours and habits.

  • Small tasks (Do's) are sent by text and email tailored to the individual programme goals.

  • Do-ers can post their feedback in their Do Zone, share experiences and get inspiration.

  • Online diagnostics at the end measure change for the individual and the organisation.

How Do Something Different works

It’s easy to sign up online and run the programme from your PC, phone or tablet:

  • A range of programmes
  • Designed by psychologists
  • Delivered in small steps
  • Personalised for each user
  • Disrupting existing habits
  • On phone, tablet or desktop

Webinar: Using mHealth as an effective behaviour change tool in Public Sector

Applying Behavioural sciences in the digital age, allows us to reach people we haven’t been able to before and also provide affordable and personalised support at scale.

Do Something Different co-founder, Prof Karen Pine, explains in this webinar how health authorities can change populations health behaviours by using mobile technologies.

Remarkable results

We have achieved remarkable results with large companies, SME's, public sector organisation and communities. What could we Do for you?

  • 20%

    reduction in alcohol consumption

    Hertfordshire Public Health

  • 21%

    improvement in overall well being for residents

    Hertfordshire Public Health

  • 37%

    increase in physical activity

    Hertfordshire Public Health

  • 29%

    fruit and vegetables consumption up by 29%

    Hertfordshire Public Health

  • 5.8lbs

    weight down by an average of 5.8lbs in six weeks

    Hertfordshire Public Health

  • 50%

    reduction in 'clinical' or 'at risk' levels of depression and anxiety

    Do Happiness

  • 52%

    average Stop-Smoking quit rate

    Brighton & Hove CCG

Doer stories

Do-ers are always really keen to tell us how they got on with their programmes. We collect their stories continuously and here are some of the feedback that have been shared with us before:

  • “Do Something Different should be available from your doctor. It's immediate, not like waiting for another letter or call from another organisation. It can take away stress or anxiety. It's really helped me - It's brilliant.”

    Diana, Do Less Stress programme

  • “Since surviving a massive stroke I have suffered depression. Do Something Different has banished the low mood and I am finally feeling like myself again”

    Do-er, Do Happiness programme

For more stories from past Do-ers, have a look at our video channel

RSPH award

Our unique approach has been recognised by the Royal Society for Public Health in their Health & Wellbeing Awards 2015:

“The award for Do Something Different is due to its innovative and creative approach in supporting behaviour change of individuals in Hertfordshire. Its digital platform is accessible and scalable with the potential for reaching large groups of people. Its interventions are underpinned by research and good practice in technology.”