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Give Flex a whirl

This goal is for anyone who wants to try Flex but isn’t sure which goal to focus on yet. Experiment with a series of helpful habits that will get you doing something different and discovering what happens when you stop thinking and start doing.

Helpful habits

Flex encourages you to develop the habits that move you towards your goals.

Eat well

We are what we eat, and putting good things into our bodies helps us feel good. It 's not all about being virtuous. Making small adjustments to what we consume and how and when we eat can make a surprising difference.

Experience variety

A comfort zone is a nice place to spend time, but it can easily turn into a rut. When we vary our experiences we reduce the risk of getting stuck in old routines, and get braver about trying the new things that could help us thrive.

Have fun

Having fun is seriously important. When we allow ourselves to enjoy life in the moment, we give ourselves time out from stresses and reconnect with some of the best things in life.

Keep active

Physical activity is great for our bodies and our minds. The more we can find ways to enjoy it, the more likely it is we'll keep moving and feel good.

Make time for sleep

Sleep isn't something we always prioritise in daily lives. When we make enough time for sleep we're more likely to rest well, and to feel refreshed when we're awake.

Nurture relationships

Loneliness can be as bad for us as smoking, high blood pressure or obesity. The more we invest in our relationships with family and friends the better our chances to live longer, healthier, happier lives.

Overcome adversity

Adversity is part of life, but the ability to bounce back from life's knocks can be learned through experience and practice. By facing our fears, looking for the positives and training our minds and bodies, we can cope with extraordinary difficulties and even thrive.

Practise self-care at work

When we're on our own, it can be easy to lose focus, overwork or keep problems to ourselves. We can help keep ourselves working healthily by practicing self-care.


Winding down from time to time is vital for the health of our bodies and our minds. When we relax we sleep better, we think differently and we restore our physical energies. Practices than connect us with nature are increasingly recognised for their role in helping us unwind.

Give Flex a whirl