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Sleep Better

This goal is for anyone who wants to improve their sleep. You will be supported to grow habits that secure proper time for sleep in your routine, help your body and mind wind down for bedtime, and create an environment that’s conducive to getting a good night’s rest.

Helpful habits

Flex encourages you to develop habits that will help you to sleep better.

Avoid alcohol after 6pm

Sometimes alcohol gets in the way of us being our best selves and achieving the things we want. When we bring control to our drinking we can open the space to explore other ways to relax, be social and pursue what really matters to us.

Avoid caffeine after 2pm

Caffeine is a potent stimulant, and has a long-lasting effect on our bodies. By cutting out caffeine after lunchtime we reduce the risk that it will interfere with our sleep at night.

Keep active

Physical activity is great for our bodies and our minds. The more we can find ways to enjoy it, the more likely it is we'll keep moving and feel good.

Maintain a sleep-friendly environment

Our surroundings affect the quality of our sleep. By taking simple steps to improve our environment we can increase the chances of a good night's rest.

Make time for sleep

Sleep isn't something we always prioritise in daily lives. When we make enough time for sleep we're more likely to rest well, and to feel refreshed when we're awake.

Prepare for sleep

The way we move from our waking hours into bedtime has an impact on how well we sleep. By trying different ways to end the day we can give ourselves better preparation for a good night's rest.

Spend time in nature

Spending time in nature brings all kinds of immediate and tangible benefits to us. When we make it part of our day, we can reduce stress, increase our physical activity and prepare our body for better sleep.

Use relaxation shortcuts

We all know that tension and stress are more likely to keep us awake than help us to sleep. By practising some simple techniques we can help ourselves relax and ease into a good night's rest.

Sleep Better
Ray, our CEO and founder, takes you through the whys and hows of sleep, with practical tips so you can start to sleep better.