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Work Well From Home

This goal is for anyone who finds themselves working more from home, and wants to do it better. You will be supported to grow habits that help you balance domestic and work demands, alongside taking care of yourself and others.

Helpful habits

Flex encourages you to develop habits that will help you to work well from home.

Collaborate well

Working well in a virtual team calls for good communication. Experimenting with new practices and technologies is key.

Create a great workspace

We spend a major portion of our lives in a work setting. Improving our home working space can make the time we invest more enjoyable, productive and better for our bodies and minds.

Have fun

Having fun is seriously important. When we allow ourselves to enjoy life in the moment, we give ourselves time out from stresses and reconnect with some of the best things in life.

Manage time

Spending our time on what's most valuable is key to working well from home. Small adjustments can help cut out the wasted hours.

Practise self-care at work

When we're on our own, it can be easy to lose focus, overwork or keep problems to ourselves. We can help keep ourselves working healthily by practicing self-care.


Winding down from time to time is vital for the health of our bodies and our minds. When we relax we sleep better, we think differently and we restore our physical energies. Practices than connect us with nature are increasingly recognised for their role in helping us unwind.

Socialise with colleagues

Virtual teams need space for non-work conversations - the ones that might happen more naturally in the kitchen or after work. With some simple actions we can keep our virtual social lives with colleagues intact.