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#NewYearNewYou #BackToWork. Why not shake things up, fire up some new energy and launch some new neural pathways wi…

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January 2017

Do Change – clinical trials begin

April 2016

Prevention is better than cure. Can digital improve the health of a nation?

Use that Monday feeling to do something different. #DoMonday

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#parkrun or a walk in the park. Just 1 hour a week of exercise, enough to prevent depression. #WorldMentalHealthDay

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March 2016

mHealth – what do users say?

February 2016

mHealth – the 4 building blocks for text messaging in Public Health

Good luck to all those who’ve decided to quit for #Stoptober.

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Smoking is reinforced by your habit-web. Identifying and disrupting it is key to success. Join FREE for #Stoptober

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February 2016

Is mHealth the answer for cash-strapped Public Health?

July 2015

Mhealth – the golden rules for SMS texts in Public Health

Super excited to see the line-up for Meaning 2017 with host @Optimistontour. Grab your ticket here…

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