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Coventry’s getting fitter

Coventry Public Health has launched a new city-wide Do Something Different programme to encourage citizens to get fitter and healthier.

May 27th 2015

Do Healthy Cov is a new programme designed to help the people of Coventry to enjoy more exercise and make healthier food choices.

Developed especially for the Coventry City Council Public Health team, the programme starts with an online questionnaire that allows us to tailor the programme for each participant. Do’s are then selected to help each person break unhealthy habits and push their personal boundaries around eating and exercise.

Ronel Erasmus, Do Something Different’s Operations Director explains:

“Over eight weeks, each person who sign ups will be encouraged to make small changes in their everyday exercise and diet. This slowly builds to really fantastic changes in lifestyle, one Do at a time.”

Free family swimming, golf and cycling
The programme includes messages and actions designed to help local people take advantage of  Coventry facilities, clubs and community activities. It even includes free vouchers for family swimming, golf and cycling. Ronel says:

“We spent time with Coventry City Council representatives from health and wellbeing services as well as leisure, parks, and sports departments to ensure that the programme makes the most of all the good things on residents’ doorsteps. Having free vouchers for local swimming, cycling and golf is a real bonus.”

Take the Coventry fitness quiz
Residents are also being invited to take the Do Healthy Cov Habit Rater , an online quiz where they can measure their healthy habits. 10 quick questions is all it takes to reveal how close (or how far) from a Healthy Hero they are.


Paul Hargrave, Public Health Programme Manager at Coventry City Council says:

“We’re really excited to be bringing this different healthier living approach to our residents. Initially we’re hoping to sign up to 1500 people and we look forward to helping people in Coventry change their lifestyles for the better.”

FREE for Coventry residents
If you’re a Coventry resident and you’d like to sign up for FREE, you can visit Do Healthy Cov to sign-up online. It only takes around 10 minutes.


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