Effects of smoking during pregnancy

The truth is, every cigarette you smoke harms your baby, increasing the risk of –

  • Miscarriage and still birth
  • Premature birth or low birth weight
  • Congenital malformations
  • Cot death (by three times)
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Why is it so hard to quit?

Most pregnant women know they should stop for the health of their baby, but it’s really hard. Pregnant women metabolise nicotine up to 60% faster so quitting can be much harder. Smoking is also a habit. It’s been hard-wired into your brain and it’s triggered by events. Things getting stressful? Reach for a cigarette. First thing in the morning? Waiting for a bus? Your partner smoking? You may be addicted to nicotine, but your brain is addicted to these habit chains.


  • Identify your smoking habits
  • Discover your triggers
  • Set your Quit Day
  • Beat the cravings
  • Stay quit for life

A different way to quit

Created especially for pregnant women, our six-week Do Love Your Bump programme uses scientifically proven psychological techniques to help you quit for good. You’ll get regular Do’s (small actions) sent by text or email to your phone, tablet or PC – specially tailored to your smoking habits.

Your Do’s prepare you for Quit Day a week in advance, helping to break your smoking addiction day by day. Once Quit Day arrives, we’ll help you fight cravings with Disruptors designed to distract you until cravings pass, sent to your phone whenever you need them, day or night.



First time quit rate