The secret to
healthy weight

Scientists have discovered the secret of healthy permanent weight loss – and it’s got nothing to do with dieting! People generally have weight problems because they are imprisoned by bad habits. Our Do Healthy Weight in Herts programme will help you to break these hidden habits so you can effortlessly lose weight without feeling hungry. There are no calories to count or carbs to watch. And most importantly – there’s no diet to follow.

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Why traditional diets don't work

For most of us diets just don’t work. In fact research shows that people who diet usually end up weighing more. That’s because traditional diets rely on us cutting stuff out. Which is great for as long as the willpower lasts. But as soon as you waver, you’re back in the calorie trap. Do Healthy Weight in Herts focuses on breaking the web of habits that controls our eating, drinking and exercising. Disrupt the habits that mean you eat too many biscuits, have a second helping or buy a take-away after the pub and you’re back in control. Forever.



  • Stops mindless eating
  • Creates healthier habits
  • Gets you moving
  • Puts you back in control
  • Refreshes your whole life

Love your healthy weight

Research from our founding psychologists involving thousands of people shows that the more behaviourally flexible you are, the lower your body mass index (BMI) is likely to be. Clinical trials show that this approach will increase your behavioural flexibility, and break old routines and habits so that you lose weight. And keep the weight off. Sign up and we’ll send you psychologically powerful Do’s – small actions sent by text or email. Do your Do’s and you’ll soon be on your way to your healthy weight.


5.8 lbs

average weight loss in 6 weeks