The proven way
to de-stress

Stress can be a positive thing, helping us to get things done. But too much stress can make us feel overwhelmed, anxious or even depressed. Following a lifetime of research into stress, our psychologists have created a proven approach that will help you to reduce stress and regain control over your life, one Do at a time.

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Why do we get so stressed?

Modern living is full of pressures, deadlines, and a non-stop deluge of communications, messages and social demands. The potential to be over-stressed is huge. Our research shows that the secret to coping with a stressful life is a thing called behavioural flexibility. The more behaviours you have at your disposal, the more choice you have in how you react to any situation. And that makes it far easier to start finding solutions to a whole range of challenges, from money, health and relationship worries, to overwork.


  • Maps current behaviours
  • Logs your habits
  • Encourages new behaviours
  • Broadens your comfort zone
  • Builds flexibility

Enjoy a less stressful life

Our Do Less Stress in Herts programme will give you the coping skills you need. Over 6 weeks, our proven change approach will help you to develop a set of tools to manage whatever comes your way. You’ll learn to spot the disruptive habits that are fuelling your stress. And develop new behaviours to help you cope better. We’ll help you to build resilience, boost confidence and put you back in control, banishing low mood and giving you new energy. At home, at work, everywhere.



increase in positive feelings