Jack Cattell

What do I do?

The Get the Data team and I are analysing the app’s data so we can improve the user experience and make sure that Flex is helping as many people as possible.

Reasons I believe in Flex

  • It’s through doing that we learn what we are really capable of.
  • I think Flex will let some people enjoy life a bit more.

Neil Witten

What do I do?

Offer good counsel to the people who are building Flex.

Three reasons I believe in Flex

  • I always thought that doing things differently made life more fun. But Do Something Different (and Flex) has helped me understand why.
  • Because nothing actually changes unless action is taken
  • If more people became behaviourally flexible, the world would be a more inclusive, fairer and nicer place

Words to live by

Life’s short, make the most of it

Jason Ryan

What do I do?

Help the team think about how to tell the Flex story. (In other words, marketing.)

Three reasons I believe in Flex

  • Flex made me do something different, and it was ok actually…. I would recommend.
  • It’s better to ‘do’ your way out of thinking something than to think yourself out of doing something.
  • I think it will help more people live better lives.

Words to live by

“If it is not right, do not do it, if it is not true, do not say it.” – Marcus Aurelius

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Flex is for anyone who’s feeling ready to experiment taking small steps towards a life done differently. You’ll have access to a range of different goals, which encourage you to experiment with a range of different habits.

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