About us

Ronel Erasmus


December 8th 2014
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What was I doing before Do Something Different?

I’ve spend my life managing people and projects, using my background and qualifications in Psychology (sometimes also a bit of my Criminology degree) to steer things and people towards the end goal. My path with Do started as a Project Manager in the School of Psychology, University of Hertfordshire (Do’s birthplace). Taking the empirical evidence that Do Something Different can change lives into a large scale community project seemed to merge my previous worlds, giving me the best of both management from a psychological viewpoint.


Why did I join?

People are my passion. What makes us who we are, what the possibilities are and how powerful we can be when making conscious decisions about our own future paths. Do Something Different gave me the opportunity to explore and experience all this in my own world. Helping others take the same journey as I did, was simply priceless. Talk about ‘job satisfaction’!


What do I do?

I’m a founding member of Do Something Different, the company. A Jill of all trades, I keep an eye on our various projects from the implementation stage to long after the finish line. My role is also to support our clients, Do-ers and Partners.


What do I most want to change in the world?

Powerlessness. People are always under the impression that they have to live their lives according to the foundations laid down for them by others in their past, their surroundings or current circumstances. Change is possible!


What do I most want to change about me?

Not so much change, but rather continue to do. Conscious awareness of my habits – the platform from where I can decide my next action.


What am I doing differently?

I can easily be sucked into mostly work and no play. So my current focus is on restoring the balance. I have just signed up to become a bell ringer at my local church – they needed someone who can keep a beat and enjoys the brilliant cardio workout that comes along with the territory!