About us

Ray Richards

CEO and Founder

December 4th 2014
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What was I doing before Do Something Different?

I’ve had a reasonably eclectic working life having worked in many different industries in many different roles. Prior to Do Something Different I was Chief Operating Officer of iCrossing UK, one of the country’s leading digital marketing agencies.

Why did I join?

I joined because I could see that in Do Something Different there was a real opportunity to make the world a better place.

What do I do?

I spend most of my time ensuring all of our stakeholders can win by helping people do something different. That, and spreading the word.

What do I most want to change in the world?

I want to help people do something different. The leap of faith is that ‘different’ will be better for everyone. I don’t consider it too big a leap. People are good.

What do I most want to change about me?

Currently I’m exploring how I can spend more time and get more pleasure from maintaining things e.g. my home and my relationships, rather than always looking to build something new.

What am I doing differently?

I’m doing business differently. Along with the rest of the Do team, I am looking to create a business that considers the needs of all stakeholders as long as they are up for both doing something different themselves and helping others too.