Nilhan Jayasinghe

Co-Founder & Sounding Board

What was I doing before Do Something Different?

I was a marketing geek at a digital agency in Brighton for over ten years. And like Ben, I was also thinking way too much, though almost certainly about more trivial things.

Why did I join?

In my agency days, I got to work with many brilliant people and learned a lot, but you have to be pretty agnostic about who you are working for and what you are selling. I wanted to use my knowledge to get behind something more meaningful with a purpose. I really liked the thinking or rather doing behind Do Something Different. It chimed with the way I had managed quite a bit of change in my life.

What do I do?

My personal mission is to help more people discover Do Something Different. This allows me to tinker and fiddle in many areas of the business, which is exactly how I like it. Having come from a digital marketing background, I’m keen to use data to inform what we develop to help people.

What do I most want to change in the world?

I have big ambitions. I don’t think we can solve any of the big issues in this world without changing our relationship to work and money.  People should work together and not for other people. We are trying to follow this principle with Do Something Different.

What do I most want to change about me?

Take more risks. Committing to change without knowing the outcome is hard but something worth conquering.

What am I doing differently?

Over the last year many little changes have crept in. But getting up an hour early and starting the day in my own time is a game changer. I’m also watching very little TV, having more veggie days and trying different ways to get where I need to go.