John Davison

Illustrator / Animator

What do you do?

I’m responsible for the visual communication of the thinking and ideas behind Flex.

Three reasons I am working on Flex

  • There is no inherent ‘Why’ (in life). The game is to make up the best one possible.
  • Thinking always overlaps with feelings. There are always times when I don’t feel like doing something. Taking action outside of the realm of feelings mean I do things whatever I feel. Validation and a different sense of self (and positive feelings) often come as a result.
  • On a macro and micro level – the thing for humans to discover is that they have a huge capacity to create new realities for themselves and the world (we made it this way and we can make it differently); without this discovery there is only reacting to ‘the way things are’. Flex enables people to find this out first hand.

Words to live by

“You will never get any more out of life than you expect” – Bruce Lee