About us

Joao Martins


December 9th 2014
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What was I doing before Do Something Different?

I was a developer working for a digital agency in the heart of Brighton, helping with web based projects, mainly for publishers, startups and design brands.


Why did I join?

Doing Something Different sounds so simple, and is so powerful. Also, I had always loved the passion and excitement that the Do Something Different team had, so when I had the opportunity to be part of it, I didn’t think twice.


What do I do?

I’m usually on top of the technical side of things, mainly the development and delivery of the system, assuring that everything runs on track and smoothly.


What do I most want to change in the world?

I think that making it a little bit better than it is at the moment is a good start and not that hard, considering the loads of new opportunities that we face everyday.


What do I most want to change about me?

Nothing major for sure. Usually one small thing at a time. I should probably start with being more flexible, so I  find it easier to answer these questions.


What am I doing differently?

I’ve started to have some breaks from work in the swimming pool just around the corner from the office.