About us

Ant Bullock


December 4th 2014
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What was I doing before Do Something Different?

I have a background in advertising and marketing. Institute of Marketing qualified, I set up and ran a successful advertising agency in Brighton, before selling my share and establishing the copywriting agency, antwords. I joined Do Something Different at the point it was transitioning from offline to online.

Why did I join?

Having put lots of effort over the years into promoting brands that get us to places, or help us smell nice, it’s brilliant to work on something with a real purpose.

What do I do?

I now work with Do Something Different partners and clients, helping them to get the most out of each programme and spread the word about the power of Do.

What do I most want to change in the world?

Inequality. 85 of the world’s richest people have more than half of the world’s poorest. That can’t be right, can it?

What do I most want to change about me?

I love the idea of behavioural flexibility – to keep making myself find different ways to behave in different situations and see what happens. Try it. It’s amazing.

What am I doing differently?

I like to wear odd socks so I start each day by reminding myself nothing has to be the same.