I want to

Feel better

This goal is for anyone who’s feeling that their life is out of balance, and wants to bring back some of the joy. You will be supported to do more of the things that matter most for a thriving life.

Helpful habits

Flex encourages you to develop habits that will help you feel better

Do meaningful things

Flex encourages you to develop habits that will help you to sleep better.

Experience variety

A comfort zone is a nice place to spend time, but it can easily turn into a rut. When we vary our experiences we reduce the risk of getting stuck in old routines, and get braver about trying the new things that could help us thrive.

Grow self-awareness

Self-awareness is about understanding our feelings, motivations and desires as we go through life. When we're self-aware we're better at appreciating people and circumstances, and more able to make good decisions.

Have fun

Having fun is seriously important. When we allow ourselves to enjoy life in the moment, we give ourselves time out from stresses and reconnect with some of the best things in life.

Keep active

Physical activity is great for our bodies and our minds. The more we can find ways to enjoy it, the more likely it is we'll keep moving and feel good.

Meet new people

Making new contacts is a surefire way to bring something different into our lives.

Nurture relationships

Loneliness can be as bad for us as smoking, high blood pressure or obesity. The more we invest in our relationships with family and friends the better our chances to live longer, healthier, happier lives.