I want to

Be Happier

This goal is for anyone who wants more happiness in their life and the lives of people around them. Inspired by our work with Action for Happiness.

Helpful habits

Flex encourages you to develop habits that will help you to be happier.

Accept imperfection

It's good to strive for better things, but only when that's balanced with an acceptance of things as they are. We can practise the ability to be ok with imperfection every day, in the way we react to events and the behaviour of others as well as ourselves.

Appreciate what's good

Life's a journey, and wherever we find ourselves on it there are aspects to be appreciated. We get better at discovering them when we practice.

Do meaningful things

When we do the things we find meaningful our perspective on the world can shift. Meaning is different for each of us, and often found when we offer the best of ourselves to help others.

Experience variety

A comfort zone is a nice place to spend time, but it can easily turn into a rut. When we vary our experiences we reduce the risk of getting stuck in old routines, and get braver about trying the new things that could help us thrive.

Grow relationships

We are social creatures, and the quality of our relationships makes a big difference to our wellbeing. We can help ourselves and others when we get in the habit of nurturing existing relationships and making new connections.

Help others

It's easy to get wrapped up in our own concerns. When we help others we connect with something bigger than ourselves, and see our own issues in a different light.

Keep active

Physical activity is great for our bodies and our minds. The more we can find ways to enjoy it, the more likely it is we'll keep moving and feel good.

Overcome adversity

Adversity is part of life, but the ability to bounce back from life's knocks can be learned through experience and practice. By facing our fears, looking for the positives and training our minds and bodies, we can cope with extraordinary difficulties and even thrive.