Change can be so difficult, and yet so brilliantly rewarding.

At Do Something Different we believe in bringing glorious positive change into people’s lives. At work. At home. Everywhere.

It's different. It's do-able. It's fun.


Dive in

Tell us all about you. Fill in the online questionnaire about your habits and behaviours so we can tailor the experience for you.

Start Doing

Get stuck in.
Complete the Do's we send you to gently expand your comfort zone and discover new things.


Love Sharing

Join in, be inspired.
Connect with other people, get ideas, lend support and capture your personal journey.


Feel the Change

Never look back.
Complete a final questionnaire to find out what's changed. Use this as a launchpad to the rest of your life.

How it works

New Wellbeing Portal

You can now offer your people a range of digital programmes on your own Corporate Wellbeing Portal. From Emotional Intelligence to Work Life Balance, it’s all here and ready to go…

Find out more

Sounds simple.
Is there more?

Yes, tons more. Let’s start with a team of top psychologists, including Professor Ben Fletcher and Professor Karen Pine.

Add decades of their scientific research into behaviour change and expertise in personal and professional development.

Build in behavioural measurement, personality profiling, a host of wellbeing measures and powerful psychometrics. Top that with the savviest tech team, global reach and an inspiring sharing space, and you’ve got the most sophisticated behaviour change system in the world.


The science

Public Health.
Taking behaviour change
out into communities.

Public Sector

Who we work with.


What we're doing.

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February 2016

Happy Groundhog Day

Feb 2nd is #GroundhogDay. Are you stuck on a loop? Make this the day you break out:

4 days ago

Good day=when the bright minds at one of the world’s top business schools light up at sight of the #dosomethingdifferent technology.

5 days ago
January 2016

Corporate Wellbeing
for the Digital Workplace

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