Do Happiness

Make your world a happier place with our sparkly new Do Happiness programme.

Do Happiness

Behaviour change one Do at a time

Do Something Different is the online behaviour change programme that makes it easy to embrace new behaviours and break the habits that limit us. At work. At home. Everywhere.

It's not a course. It's not training. It's not like anything you will have done before.

How Does It Work

Behaviour change in companies

We can help companies to bring about behaviour change quickly and cost-effectively.


Behaviour change in communities

Do Something Different is a fantastic tool for behaviour change in communities.


Become a partner

Find out how to use Do Something Different to add value for your clients.


What we've been Do-ing

April 10, 2014

Do Something Different in schools

Do Coach Martin Bailey has been taking Do Something Different into classrooms and staff rooms, with fantastic results.   Martin has recently completed two projects with very different objectives. One at a¬†secondary school, targeted year 8 and 9 pupils who … Continue reading


Do Something Different is working in both Corporates & Communities