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To get something different, you have to do something different.

Go Do will help you to be more awake – more in the moment. You’ll welcome more variety and purpose into your world. Get the confidence to tackle stuff you’ve been avoiding. To take on new challenges. Live the life you want.

It’s simple. It’s different. It’s fun.

Go Do!

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Go Do was brilliant. It was so much fun the whole family joined in finding different ways for me to do my Do

Daniel C

Sat on the settee at the other end of the lounge at home. Watched the family instead of the TV.


What we're doing.

November 2016

Black Friday? It’s really Red Friday

What is it like to go without complaining for a month? Turns out It’s more complicated than you’d think.… https://t.co/prswjA3TO0

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As the clock counts down to #BlackFriday, @simonnegnessen argues it would be better to call it Red Friday… https://t.co/4vyd5jbVYI

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October 2016

9 things you can Do for your stress

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