Developing your leadership skills

On a daily basis leaders have to respond to complex challenges, handle diverse teams and make hard decisions. This programme prepares you as a future leader for the many and varied challenges you will face by developing a full range of leadership skills, including exceptional people skills, emotional intelligence and decisiveness.

Can leadership skills be learned by anyone?

Studies of leadership have revealed that the single common characteristic of exceptional leaders is their ability to flex. To alter and adapt their style according to the situation, context and circumstances they are experiencing. As a leader you need to be open to change, ready to embrace new ideas, tolerate ambiguity, send clear messages to your team, while all the time maintaining your own personal wellbeing. This programme can help you to exercise those behaviours every day, no matter what your role may be, helping you to improve your leadership skills as you go about your current work.


  • Designed by psychologists
  • Tailored to each person
  • Action-based programme
  • Improves leadership
  • Changes business culture

How does it work

The leadership programme has been designed using the Do Something Different methodology to help develop the habits critical for great leadership. It is built on the key attributes that make up great leaders. During the sign up process we will ask you a number of questions that relate to these attributes. Then we will create your unique programme, personalised to help you develop and practice the skills you need. Through a series of positive actions delivered via the App, text or email, the programme will disrupt and challenge your current leadership style, encouraging you to adopt more effective leadership behaviours.


  • Accountability
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Empowering others
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Talent Management
  • Communication skills
  • Managing change/growth
  • Innovation
  • Strategy/Vision into results
  • Work/Life Balance

"Leadership is not domination,
but the art of
persuading people
to work toward
a common goal.”

Daniel Goleman


of high performers are missing something needed to excel at the next level of the organisation.