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Giving up smoking doesn’t have to be hell. Forget willpower and withdrawal, this six-week Love Not Smoking programme uses scientifically-proven psychological techniques to help you quit for good AND claim back your passion for life.


Why is it so hard to quit?

Smoking is a habit. It’s been hard-wired into your brain and it’s triggered by events. Things getting stressful? Reach for a cigarette. First thing in the morning? With your coffee? After sex? You may be addicted to nicotine, but your brain is addicted to these habit chains. If you can smash the habits, crush the cravings, and embrace new behaviours instead, you’ll quickly find that you love not smoking.



  • Breaks addictive habits
  • Banishes cravings
  • Launches new behaviours
  • Disrupts auto-pilot
  • Celebrates success


Keeping trying to give up? It’s time for a really new and different approach to quitting smoking.

  • Tackles the psychology
  • 6 week programme
  • Prepares you for quit
  • Breaks the hold it has on you
  • Helps you stay smoke free

How do we help you stop?

Love Not Smoking is a six-week stop smoking programme that you can run from your phone, tablet or PC. Our proven change approach uses psychologically powerful Do’s – small actions sent by text or email – specially tailored to your smoking habits and your life. Do your Do’s and you’ll go from getting ready – to quit – to a glorious smoke-free future. And we’ll help you fight those cravings with ‘Disruptors’ sent to your phone whenever you need them, day or night.



  1. Identify your smoking habits
  2. Discover your triggers
  3. Set your Quit Day
  4. Beat the cravings
  5. Enjoy new things


"After smoking for over 20 years I’m very grateful. Thank you"



hours is all it takes to lose 90% of the nicotine in your body.
(From UK Government research)

It’s easy to sign up online and run the programme from your PC, phone or tablet:

  • Online sign up
  • 6 week programme
  • Tailored to you
  • Delivered by Text or email
  • Feedback at the end