Your path to a
healthier life

Eating the wrong things. Not exercising as much as we mean to. Not looking after ourselves properly. We all do it. And most of us want to change. This Healthy Habits programme uses scientifically-proven psychological techniques to help you take control of your life and enjoy a new healthier lifestyle, one small step at a time.

What stops us
being healthy?

Have you ever reached for the biscuits and been amazed to find the packet is empty? Or decided to take a walk and found you haven’t moved, two hours later? That’s because you’re on autopilot. Your lazy brain’s doing what’s easy. Not what’s good for you. Healthy Habits will cancel the autopilot, disrupt the habit chains that rule your eating, drinking and exercise and put you back in control of your health choices.



  • Spot habits
  • Shake up routines
  • Try new things
  • Get fresh perspectives
  • Live a fuller life

For most of us, it’s a complex web of related habits that stop us enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

  • Personalised to your lifestyle
  • 3 weeks of healthy Do’s
  • Disrupt your web of habits
  • Encourage healthy activities
  • Sustain a healthier lifestyle

Small steps to a
healthier you

We know how difficult this kind of change can be. That’s why our psychologists have designed a step-by-step programme to make it nice and easy. You sign up online and we ask you lots of questions so that we can tailor the programme to your habits and your lifestyle. We then send you psychologically powerful Do’s – small actions sent by text or email. Do your Do’s and you’ll break away from the old habits. You’ll be aware of those lazy brain moments. You’ll be back in control of your life. And you’ll love it.



  1. Eat better
  2. Get active
  3. Explore more
  4. Connect with people
  5. Have fun

"It reminded me to eat better and get back into exercise. And that it’s good to have some fun and not to feel guilty about it."

Healthy Habits Do-er


increase in overall wellbeing
(Average improvement from a recent programme)

It’s easy to sign up online and run the programme from your PC, phone or tablet:

  • Online sign up
  • 6 week programme
  • Tailored to you
  • Delivered by Text or email
  • Feedback at the end