Take your personal
style journey

Changing your look can literally change your life. Wear Something Different is a unique psychology based programme to shake up your wardrobe habits, revamp your look and help you to look at life from a new perspective.

Could your clothes unlock the real you?

Do your clothes express your true personality? Can they really determine the course your day will take? Or even your life? Clothes can boost your confidence, bolster your self-esteem or lift your mood. Wear Something Different will help you explore your clothes choices and build a new swagger, without buying a single new outfit.



  • Refresh your look
  • Explore new perspectives
  • Build self-esteem
  • Feel more confident
  • Enjoy the journey

Research shows that what we choose to wear can make a significant impact on how we behave.

  • 4 weeks of Do’s
  • A new approach to old clothes
  • Explore and experiment
  • Grow in confidence
  • Feel so much better

A wardrobe adventure

Wear Something Different will give your wardrobe – and you – a whole new lease of life. Expertly created by fashion psychologist, Professor Karen Pine, and based on her latest book Mind What You Wear, it’s a personal style journey you’ll love. Using our proven change approach, we’ll send you Do’s that will challenge you to experiment with your style and expand your personality. You can keep an online diary, upload photos and see others transform their looks, one Do at a time.



  1. Easy to do
  2. Impacts everyday
  3. Dust off old clothes
  4. Reconnect with you
  5. Have fun

"I hadn't realised how dull and safe I had become. This programme has reminded me who I am. Not just in terms of clothes, but really, who I am. Thank you."

Wear Something Different Do-er

"It helped me to understand how to dress in a way that truly reflects who I am. I felt more confident each day. I found myself acting differently. And I’m still doing it."

Wear Something Different Do-er

It’s easy to sign up online and run the programme from your PC, phone or tablet:

  • Online sign up
  • 4 week programme
  • Tailored to you
  • Delivered by Text or email
  • Feedback at the end