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Tell us all
about you.

All Do Something Different programmes start with a simple online questionnaire that asks about your behaviours and habits. That allows us to create a unique Do experience precisely for you. If you are getting started for FREE with Go Do, we might ask about your general habits and routine. If you’re on a specific programme, we will focus more on your habits relating to that topic. You just answer as honestly as you can.

Start Do-ing

Get stuck in to your
personal Do's

Then we’ll start sending your Do’s – small powerful actions – via App, SMS text and/or email. Each one is designed to encourage you outside your comfort zone and to try out new behaviours. Unlike most other change courses and self help books, we don’t try to cram your head full of information. We don’t want you to think. We want you to DO. We believe that it’s only by doing that you can bring about lasting change.


Love sharing

Join in, be

Each Do is a small, manageable thing you can do in an ordinary day. But change is never easy. That’s why we give you your very own Do Zone, that connects you with other people on your programme. See what they did. Tell them what you’ve done. Upload photos. Share experiences. Enjoy being part of a global movement.

Feel the Change

Never look back.

At the end of your programme, we’ll invite you to fill in another simple questionnaire. That will show you what’s changed. It’s great to see the progress you’ve made. By now you’ll have seen the wonderful things that can happen when you do something different. So why stop? Keep going on your own and enjoy a richer, more fulfilling life from now on.

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