For some people Do Something Different is nothing short of transformational. Like the man who struck up a relationship with his son after 20 years of silence. Or the woman ‘Take A Break’ magazine featured, who rediscovered her confidence and ended up with a new job and a motorbike. Here are just a handful of the stories you’ve shared with us. Enjoy!



stories shared in our Do Happiness programme so far...

"Since surviving a massive stroke I have suffered depression...Do Something Different has finally banished the low mood and I am finally feeling like myself again."

"Do something different has made me think differently about my life, made me gain confidence, feel better about myself, and about my life and other people."


Holding back
in meetings

Stephen, 37, is a successful director of an engineering group. He is an assertive, driven individual, always making things happen. The Do he received on his Leadership programme told him to hold back in meetings. This arrived on a day when he had a board meeting with a sister company. He said it felt really unnatural to take a backseat, and he could sense unease in the others.

But he learnt a really important thing. The person who he thought was pushing the business forward seemed to have little to offer without Stephen’s opinions. Someone who rarely made much of a contribution made key strategic points. By behaving differently – in fact the opposite of how he usually would – Stephen learnt about the people he worked with and about his own management style. He now makes a point of occasionally holding back so that he can enjoy new perspectives and benefit from other people’s input.


New job – new motorbike
As reported in Take a Break

Michelle Parker from Downham Market in Norfolk, not only transformed her life using Do Something Different – she ended up with a job and a new motorbike too. Michelle told Take a Break magazine: “The programme made me realise I’d got into a rut. We were encouraged to try a different approach to our problems. I left school at 16 and always thought I didn’t have much to offer in the world of education but now I decided to try a teaching assistant course. I actually got a job in the end. I’m so proud of myself. For years I’d dreamed of owning a motorbike but I thought I was a) too old and b) would never manage the theory test. I was wrong on both counts. My husband Nigel and I both signed up for lessons and passed. We’ve got our own bikes. It’s brilliant!”

"The best programme/course I have ever done! Truly, It has made loads of difference to me and my family are so curious about the changes they want to join in. Thank you."

“Do Something Different has been a great programme and has got my life back on track again. I hope to keep up the good work it started...”