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#parkrun or a walk in the park. Just 1 hour a week of exercise, enough to prevent depression. #WorldMentalHealthDay

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May 2017

How to Build Resilience

March 2017

5 Reasons to be ‘Appy

Good luck to all those who’ve decided to quit for #Stoptober.

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Smoking is reinforced by your habit-web. Identifying and disrupting it is key to success. Join FREE for #Stoptober

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March 2017

Small Steps = 27x the Change

February 2017

5 Secrets to Shifting Low Mood

Super excited to see the line-up for Meaning 2017 with host @Optimistontour. Grab your ticket here…

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The key to a successful quit? Preparation preparation preparation! Sign up FREE to Love Not Smoking #Stoptober

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December 2016

How Flextravert Are You?

November 2016

Black Friday? It’s really Red Friday

‘Change does not come from passive visualisation and wishful thinking. It comes from action.’ Prof Ben Fletcher…

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Love this story.

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September 2016

Live the life you really want – Go Do

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