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February 2017

5 Secrets to Shifting Low Mood

Progress occurs in the discomfort zone #do something different

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Are You Scared To Go Outside Your Comfort Zone? # via @HuffPoLifestyle

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December 2016

How Flextravert Are You?

November 2016

Black Friday? It’s really Red Friday

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Flextraverts can flip the script to get the best outcome. Take our handy quiz to see where you rank. #YearOfChange

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October 2016

9 things you can Do for your stress

October 2016

World Mental Health Day – what can you do for your own mental health?

Flextraverts act in a way that’s best for each situation. Not according to their default strategy. #NYResolutions

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Flextraverts are more open, less stressed and generally healthier. So how Flextravert are you? Take the quiz!…

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September 2016

Live the life you really want – Go Do

September 2016

What might happen if you do something different?

Flextravert or Flextra-not? Your ability to flex may be key to making 2017 your year of change. #NYResolutions

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What’s a Flextravert and how will becoming one help you stick to your NY resolutions this time. #NYResolutions

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June 2016

We’re forever blowing bubbles

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