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“I’ve Quit Smoking After 20 Years”

Joanna used our Love Not Smoking programme to finally quit after a lifetime of smoking. "It's been over two months since I've quit and I'm feeling very happy," she tells us.

August 7th 2017

“I really loved the psychology of Love Not Smoking…”

“I had recently had a car accident which left me with whiplash and some anxiety. I knew smoking was the last thing my body needed, but I was still getting through 15 rollies a day.

“I had read all about the Alan Carr Hypnotherapy model and while it resonated with me, it wasn’t enough to break my addiction.

“I really loved the psychology of Love Not Smoking. I ran it from the App on my phone and the first two weeks leading up to quit day were the magic part. In fact it was so good, I actually gave up a day early.

Four Do’s that made a massive impact

“Of all the Do’s, there are four which made a huge impact:

Changing hands while you smoke.
“I’m actually quite an ambidextrous smoker so I changed fingers, holding the cigarette between my little finger and ring finger. It’s amazing how conscious it made me of each rollie.

“It felt awkward and unnatural which lessened the enjoyment. Plus not smoking with the usual fingers broke the habitual behaviour of raising the hand to mouth movement.

Clearing out a smoking area.
“I smoked at home by the backdoor. I got rid of all the ashtrays, butts and other stuff and transformed the area with nice pot plants. It’s a different vibe now.

“That had two effects. Now I had to go up the garden to smoke, so it made me think about whether I really wanted one. And when I looked at this new area I felt proud of the change and more determined to quit. Placing beautiful plants where the ashtray used to be made feel inspired to keep going and took away the reminder to smoke.

Changing where I kept my cigarettes.
“Another really clever way of disrupting the habit. I kept going to the kitchen drawer on autopilot only to find they weren’t there. That made me question why I wanted one at all.

Shunt it.
“This was the Do that said I had to think of things I could do instead of smoking, write them down on scraps of paper and put them in a pot. Then every time I felt like a smoke, I had to wait 5 minutes and take out one of the pieces of paper and do that instead.

“I had things like meditation, yoga, stretching. These were great and after doing them I often found that I didn’t want to smoke that one at all.

“Are you enjoying it? Does it taste nice?”

“As the programme continued I found I was more conscious of every rollie. I was asking myself: “Are you enjoying it? Does it taste nice? The answer was “Yuk – no it’s horrible.”

“After quit day I did have a low nicotine e-cig on standby, but I only used that once. I didn’t go with NRT at all.

“The cravings weren’t too bad. It’s just that I had an empty feeling. A kind of boredom. But I soon found that cravings didn’t last long and I carried on using my jar of disruptors to fill the void.

“In the week after I quit I booked gym classes everyday, so I was improving my health too. I did all the Do’s, except the last one. I’m still deciding on how to do that.

Smoke-free for over two months

“I was in a pharmacy the other day and overheard one of the assistant’s talking about wanting to quit. I raved about Love Not Smoking to her. Now I’m a non-smoker I want everyone to join me!

“I’ve been smoke free for over two months now and can honestly say I find the idea of smoking revolting. Love Not Smoking really worked for me. After smoking for over 20 years I’m very grateful. Thank you.”

Joanna in the smoking area she has transformed with pots and plants.