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Jason’s small steps to a massive transformation

Jason from China got in touch to say how the small steps in the No Diet Diet book - now an online programme – helped him to make remarkable changes in his life.

June 14th 2017

Jason, a follower of the ‘No Diet Diet: Do Something Different’ book in China, sent us his story. This in his own words:

“I am Jason from China. I was a fat man with 100KG. When I read Fletcher’s book ‘No Diet Diet’, and do it. Then I learn more healthy knowledge. I changed many behaviour. One years later , I lose my weight for 35KG. Now, I am a handsome man. I want to thank Prof. Fletcher and Prof. Pine. And I want to change the people’s healthy of the world.

“I became fat  from 1987, on my 8 age. I am almost the only one fat guy in my school. I am never want to lose weight until my daughter was born. One day, When I watched my daughter’s face, It’s very cute. I want to company with her for a long long time, even want to see her become a grandmother. So, I must been longevity. The weight is the most important enemy for my longevity.

“So, I want to loss weight. It’s 2012. I have fat for 26 years. and my weight is 103KG. But I am lazy, I don’t want to do exercise. I have no willpower to diet and I don’t want to eat weight-loss pills. I think it’s not good for people.

“I went to library to look for books of losing weight.  I found the book ‘No diet diet’. I felt  very interested, but I didn’t believe it can help me to losing weight like most people. But I borrowed it because it can change my bad behaviour. It’s May, 2012. I did the things follow the book for 2 weeks. I stopped. Some changes happen to me, but not more.

“October 2012. I thought I can’t spend the life like this. So I did the things in No Diet Diet very seriously. I finished it in 28 days. My whole life is changing, very huge. Not only my weight. Weight losing is only a part of the whole change:

  • I did good thing from my heart and not expected nothing in return, So I am very peace and happy
  • I got up early. I got up 7 o’clock now, and I got up at least 10 o’clock before.
  • I don’t want to drink Coca-cola anymore
  • I want to help people, just help
  • I changed my hair style
  • I tried to buy new style clothes
  • I joined a sing contest for the first time
  • I was reported by newspaper for the first time because I told them about my story
  • I was reported by TV for the first time, because I called a phone to invite them to interview me
  • I made a speech in the library for the first time because I called the library to tell them I want to do a speech

“I found many old friends and old classmates. They gave me more help. People who want to lose weight followed me. My classmate of college lose nearly 15KG now. When she visited her friend of publishing, her friend don’t believe do different thing can help her lose weight first. Now her friend asked me to write a book. It’s very interesting.

“My whole life is changed. I wanted to change the world since my young age, but I didn’t know how to do it. Now, I changed myself, and I changed the people who believe me. So, I know, we can change the world. We need your help, because I am not a doctor or psychologist. I am just a man who was very fat and I want to help more and more people can live a healthy life.”

Best regards.

Jason from China, a man who was very fat.