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Small Steps = 27x the Change

Research shows that taking small steps makes it much more likely you can break habits and embrace change. 27 times more likely!

March 14th 2017

You are 27 times more likely to complete a given task if you have completed the one before

Data from over 15,000 people taking part in our programmes with small everyday tasks suggests that you are 27 times more likely to complete a given task if you completed the one before. 

Put another way, change begets change.

It’s all about the lazy brain

The brain is a powerful habit machine which tends to repeat past actions and behaviours and actively avoids engaging in new behaviours.

Of course, most of the time our brain’s ability to operate on autopilot is a good thing, saving us energy and keeping us safe. But when it comes to change, it’s possibly the biggest obstacle.

What this data shows is that once you click the lazy brain out of its habits and proactively choose to do something new, you are more likely to do something new again.

Change anything and you can change everything!

So let’s say you hate your job but you feel trapped by the enormity of what it takes to research new opportunities, get a CV together, make applications, go to interviews etc…

Our data suggests that going home a different way from work tonight could be the way to start. Easy enough. Then perhaps you sit in a different seat tomorrow. Perhaps the day after you fix a meal you’ve never eaten before, or join a new colleague for lunch.

These new activities, although unrelated to the job issue, are simply warming up your change muscles. Like stretching before you go jogging.

The more you do these little things, the more able you are to do the next. Until the idea of applying for a new job, one careful step at a time, doesn’t feel so impossible.

Take our Change Challenge

Like the idea but not sure it will work for you? Think about a big challenge in your life. It could be health like eating healthier or doing more exercise. It could be about work or relationships. Anything.

Now sign up for our free Go Do programme, which last 3 weeks. Don’t think about your challenge. Just do your Do’s and have fun with them.  Then see how you feel about the bigger challenge at the end. Is it easier to tackle now, one step at a time?

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