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How Flextravert Are You?

December 28th 2016
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Flextraverts are those people who breeze through life, able to cope with just about everything. So how Flextravert are you and how can you nurture your inner Flextravert?

As defined by our founding psychologist, Professor Karen Pine, in her recent TedX Brighton talk, Flextraverts seem to do things differently. And that’s hugely beneficial for them and the people around them.

So just how Flextravert are you?

The good news is that how Flextravert you are isn’t fixed. It’s a skill you can practice, nurture and develop. But before you do, it’s good to know the starting point and how you compare to others.

So why not take our Flextravert Quiz to find out just how far you have to go?

Take the Flextravert Quiz 

What are the key characteristics of Flextraverts?

There are three main characteristics that set Flextraverts apart:

  1. Flextraverts act in a way that’s best for each situation. Not according to their default strategy.
  2. Flextraverts can flip the script to get the best possible outcome.
  3. Flextraverts are willing to take risks to make meaningful connections with others.

What is the Flextravert Advantage?

  • Flextraverts are slimmer
  • Flextraverts are less stressed
  • Flextraverts bounce back
  • Flextraverts are effective
  • Flextraverts show up
  • Flextraverts are more tolerant of difference

To find out more, download the free e-Book, The Flextravert Advantage:

Download the free e-Book 

How can you become more of a Flextravert?

Do Something Different is all about helping each of us to flex more and enjoy all the benefits that Flextraverts do. A great place to start is our free Go Do programme. Tailored personally to you, it gives you 3 weeks of powerful actions designed to help you break away from your regular habits, discover some new ones and connect with your inner Flextravert. 

Go Do for FREE

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