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What might happen if you do something different?

These 3 people started out taking small steps with Do Something Different that ended in really positive changes. What might happen if you make a start with Go Do?

September 7th 2016
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Jason transforms his life in China



Jason followed the Do Something Different  ‘No Diet Diet’ programme using the book version he found in a library in China. He sent us his inspiring story. This in his own words:

“I am Jason from China. I was a fat man with 100KG. When I read Professor Fletcher’s book ‘No Diet Diet’, and do it. Then I learn more healthy knowledge. I changed many behaviour. One years later , I lose 35KG in weight. Now, I am a handsome man. I want to thank Prof. Fletcher and Prof. Pine. And I want to change the people’s healthy of the world.

“I did the things in No Diet Diet very seriously. I finished it in 28 days. My whole life is changing, very huge. Not only my weight. Weight losing is only a part of the whole change:

  • I did good thing from my heart and not expected nothing in return, So I am very peace and happy
  • I got up early. I got up 7 o’clock now, and I got up at least 10 o’clock before.
  • I don’t want to drink Coca-cola anymore
  • I want to help people, just help
  • I changed my hair style
  • I tried to buy new style clothes
  • I joined a sing contest for the first time
  • I was reported by newspaper for the first time because I told them about my story
  • I was reported by TV for the first time, because I called a phone to invite them to interview me
  • I made a speech in the library for the first time because I called the library to tell them I want to do a speech

“I found many old friends and old classmates. They gave me more help. People who want to lose weight followed me. My classmate of college lose nearly 15KG now. When she visited her friend of publishing, her friend don’t believe do different thing can help her lose weight first. Now her friend asked me to write a book. It’s very interesting.”

Best regards.

Jason from China, a man who was very fat.”

New job, new motorbike for Michelle

Michelle Parker from Downham Market in Norfolk, not only transformed her life using Do Something Different – she ended up with a job and a new motorbike too.

Michelle told Take a Break magazine: “The programme made me realise I’d got into a rut. We were encouraged to try a different approach to our problems. I left school at 16 and always thought I didn’t have much to offer in the world of education but now I decided to try a teaching assistant course. I actually got a job in the end. I’m so proud of myself. For years I’d dreamed of owning a motorbike but I thought I was a) too old and b) would never manage the theory test. I was wrong on both counts. My husband Nigel and I both signed up for lessons and passed. We’ve got our own bikes. It’s brilliant!”

Take a Break 2

Mike’s given up smoking

Mike was desperate to stop smoking. A 50-something business owner working in a stressful world, he turned to cigarettes when things at work felt tough. When he needed a screen break. When he needed to reflect on things. And classically, unwinding in the pub with a beer or two. But Mike felt that it was having a really negative effect on his health and on his family.

Mike had tried all kinds of things in the past.

“I must have tried to quit a dozen times,” Mike says. “I’ve tried Cold Turkey – just going for it on pure willpower. Failed. I’ve tried hypnosis. Failed.  I’ve tried gums and patches. Failed. So I was really up for a new approach.”

Serious preparation made the difference
Mike says that it was the serious preparation in the Do Something Different Love Not Smoking programme that the difference this time.

“The programme set my Quit Day 2 weeks in advance and then helped me to break down where I  smoked. I began to realise what my personal smoking triggers were. Do’s told me to wait until I finished a pint to light up, or get through the stressful part of the day before I had a cigarette. This made me realise the cigarette wasn’t helpful to either. Beer actually tastes much better without the smoke. Cigarettes don’t really help with stress.”

“I’ve really broken my dependency this time.”
A month after the end of the programme, Mike is smoke free and says it feels different this time.

“I think I’ve really broken my dependency this time. The Love Not Smoking programme has helped me to unpick all the things that I thought meant I needed a cigarette. I feel fitter and healthier. And my sons are really impressed. It’s a great feeling and I’m confident I can now enjoy a healthier life. And a few more quid in my pocket each week too.”

If you would like to explore the poor of Do Something Different, you can get started for FREE with our 3 week Go Do programme right now.




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