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Mike loves not smoking

After lots of attempts to stop smoking, Mike has finally done it with our Love Not Smoking programme.

April 1st 2015
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Mike was desperate to stop smoking. A 50-something business owner working in a stressful world, he turned to cigarettes when things at work felt tough. When he needed a screen break. When he needed to reflect on things. And classically, unwinding in the pub with a beer or two. But Mike felt that it was having a really negative effect on his health and on his family.

“Since I hit 50, I’ve been more and more aware of the impact on my ability to get up the hills when I cycle or to get a decent wave when I’m surfing. Also, my sons hate it. They are teenagers under all sorts of pressure to give smoking a try and I realised I was setting a really bad example.”

Mike had tried all kinds of things in the past.

“I must have tried to quit a dozen times,” Mike says. “I’ve tried Cold Turkey – just going for it on pure willpower. Failed. I’ve tried hypnosis. Failed.  I’ve tried gums and patches. Failed. So I was really up for a new approach and so far Love Not Smoking has worked.”

Serious preparation made the difference
Mike says that it was the serious preparation that has made a real difference.

“The programme set my Quit Day 2 weeks in advance and then helped me to break down where I  smoked. I began to realise what my personal smoking triggers were. Do’s told me to wait until I finished a pint to light up, or get through the stressful part of the day before I had a cigarette. This made me realise the cigarette wasn’t helpful to either. Beer actually tastes much better without the smoke. Cigarettes don’t really help with stress.”

As Mike approached his Quit Day, he started making up his own Do’s:

“I asked my son to tell me how my breath smelled and how my clothes smelled when I smoked. The night before I scared the life out of myself with gruesome YouTube movies of people with cancer. Come quit day I was really up for it.”

“I’ve really broken my dependency this time.”
Mike is a month smoke free and says it feels different this time.

“I think I’ve really broken my dependency this time. The Love Not Smoking programme has helped me to unpick all the things that I thought meant I needed a cigarette. I feel fitter and healthier. And my sons are really impressed. It’s a great feeling and I’m confident I can now enjoy a healthier life. And a few more quid in my pocket each week too.”

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