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Smoke Free Me – a new approach to smoking cessation in Brighton & Hove

Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is working with Do Something Different to create a bold new approach to help the city’s smokers give up for good.

March 30th 2015
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Smoke Free Me is a unique new Do Something Different programme which is being offered FREE to Brighton & Hove residents.

Smokers may be addicted to nicotine, but the brain is more addicted to habit chains; have a coffee, reach for the cigarettes; jump in the car, light up. Smoke Free Me delivers psychologically powerful Do’s – small actions sent by text or email – tailored to each person’s personal smoking profile, designed to smash habits, crush cravings and embrace new smoke-free behaviours.

Smoke Free Me can be used as a standalone online programme, or people can do it in conjunction with traditional nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) sourced through pharmacies.

Local GP and CCC Lead for Cancer, Dr Anita Amin, explains:

“Giving up smoking is a personal journey. By tailoring each Smoke Free Me programme to an individual’s psychological smoking habits, the aim is to increase their chances of quitting successfully and staying smoke free in the long-term.”

Creating a unique programme for Brighton and Hove
Do Something Different’s founding psychologist, Professor Karen Pine, worked with experts from Brighton and Hove CCG to create a unique programme for Brighton & Hove residents featuring messages that reference local amenities and resources. Our creative team worked together with the CCG to produce an exciting name and identity for the programme. We then created a standalone website,, as a landing page for programme sign-ups.

Partnering with Albion In The Community


One of the challenges for Public Health organisations and CCG’s is a lack of touch points and physical outreach into the community. Recognising this, Brighton and Hove CCG commissioned Albion In The Community (AITC), the award-winning community arm of Brighton & Hove Albion, to open up potential marketing channels.

This collaborative approach between Do Something Different, AITC and the CCG has resulted in some innovative approaches to marketing the programme including:

  • AITC focus groups at the American Express stadium to test creative approaches
  • Do Something Different’s creative team being given access to an Albion training day to shoot video footage to use in a promotional film to support Smoke Free Me
  • An Albion home game takeover – April 25th – with posters around the ground, match-side interviews and big screen promotion in front of 30,000 fans
  • More community outreach collaborations later in the year

Dr Adam Gill, the managing consultant at Brighton and Hove CCG says:

“We knew we needed to find a different way to engage with the city’s smokers. This collaboration between the CCG, Do Something Different and Albion In The Community allows us to take smoking cessation out to the public and deliver it right into their pockets and homes.”


David Stockdale, Brighton & Hove goalkeeper taking part in the Smoke Free Me promotional video. 
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