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What are you looking forward to?

August 14th 2014
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That flutter in the stomach. The buzz of anticipation.

We all love having something to look forward to.

In a recent survey a whopping 82% of people said they looked forward to a Do plopping into their inbox or pinging onto their phone.

And when we asked about their favourite Do’s these came out on top:

Joyful Day
Do something today that lifts your mood. Listen to music, watch comedy, sing, read a poem, cycle, dance, go outside or connect with friends.

Recognition Day
Today recognise someone who’s done good work or gone the extra mile, praise, over-tip, post a nice review or share positive feedback.

Gratitude Day
Today remember to thank someone you’ve overlooked or who matters to you,  e.g. your parents or someone who’s been special in your life.

The people we surveyed were on Do Happiness , a programme we created with our friends at Action for Happiness. Do Happiness gives people small positive tasks (Do’s) to do, to create and spread more happiness.

“It motivated me to work on myself” commented one Do-er.

Others said, “it was such a nice inspiration”, I love the idea of being given tasks to do” and “it helped me be more mindful during the day”.

Do’s are simple behavioural prompts delivered at random times. They remind us to do small things that make a huge difference. They encourage us to savour the good things in life. They interrupt the busy-ness of living with a fun action to brighten up our, or someone else’s, day.

Can’t we just do these things anyway, you might ask. We can, but life often gets in the way. We get distracted or gripped by our habits. We need a Do to turn up and derail us now and again. And our personalised programmes make sure the Do targets each individual’s habits. Because we’re all different.

At work this can get a whole workforce doing things differently. Or even bring about a cultural shift, through more diversity, emotional intelligence or agility.

Here are a couple of the top-rated Do’s from a recent large in-company programme for inclusiveness:

Today give compliments to three people, including one person you don’t usually speak to. Be genuine, be generous.

Today follow up on something that you found rewarding recently. Tell someone you enjoyed meeting them, thank a supplier for good service.

The Do’s may seem super simple, but we always say ‘Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it’. Their simplicity is what also makes them easy to fit in to a busy day. And gives them the power to set off a whole new chain of events.

And who wouldn’t look forward to some of that?


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