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9 ways to do
summer differently

July 31st 2014
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Summer in the UK is in full swing and for once, bar the odd magnificent thunderstorm, we can’t complain about the sunshine not showing up. Just in case you’re getting a bit blazé about all these long hot lazy days of the 2014 summer, here’s some things to do differently to make the most of it.

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  1. GET OUTSIDE! (A bit obvious, I know, but just in case you need reminding) – somehow, anyhow, It’s clinically proven to be good for you. A short evening walk around the block counting how many different colour front doors you spot, a potter around the garden, a sit on a bench in the local park. Don’t think about it, Do it.
  2. COME ON IN! THE WATER’S LOVELY!  – dig out your armbands, have a water fight, have a picnic in a rowing boat, hire a pedalo, hire a yacht, or try Fly Boarding, the latest, maddest extreme water sport (pictured above).
  3. ESCAPE THE CROWD. While everyone else heads for the beach (and gridlocks every road that leads there), why not head for the hills, and be calmed, cooled and inspired by the countryside. Go paddling in a woodland stream, go bird watching, get out your watercolours, find a favourite tree and fall asleep under it…
  4. FIND AN EVENT. Soak up the summer atmosphere at open-air events like music festivals, Shakespeare in the Park, outdoor cinema screens, village fetes, a visiting farmer’s market, a local nature talk. Get online then get on out.
  5. TASTE THE SUNSHINE. Find new ways to eat al fresco. Picnic on your doorstep, BBQ in your front garden, take table, chairs and candelabra to a public park, beach woodland or lakeside for a romantic sunset dinner. Create a new salad, create your own signature smoothie, discover a new summer fruit/vegetable and impress/amaze/delight your friends with what you do with it…. (?)
  6. SLEEP UNDER THE STARS, even if it’s just in your back garden.
  7. LIVEN UP WORK. Of course some of us are working hard, commuting in hot trains, on crowded busses and putting up with hot offices with rubbish air flow. So Do something different. Buy everyone an ice-cream. Make some scones and take them in. Have an outdoor meeting. Cycle or walk to work. Be daring with what you wear – shorts and flip flops? A sarong?
  8. MUM! DAD! I’M BORED! Small children at home all summer? Dig a hole in the garden. Go on a bug hunt in the park. Play off ground hee or British Bulldog. Get them to prepare the picnic. Build a den in the local woods. Buy an all-day bus ticket and just see where you end up together.
  9. DO YOUR OWN DO. Make up your own Do. Go on, it’s worth the effort…

We hope you’re loving your summer and can squeeze even more joy out of it by doing something completely different.


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